CeX staff slam “crazy” safety measures which will see no incoming 2nd-hand stock quarantined


CeX staff have slammed the retailer’s “crazy” safety measures which will not require any of its second-hand stock to be quarantined.

The technology resale retailer, which allows customers to both buy and sell secondhand video games, DVD’s and other tech hardware, will not quarantine any products coming into its stores and plans to allow browsing and handling of goods.

According to a report from Eurogamer, CeX will not implement the safety measures seen by its rival Game when it opens its doors to the public today.

Game told its customers that while its stores would be reopening, it would not allow browsing in stores as products usually have very high touch rates.

It also said that it would be implementing techniques used by bookseller Waterstones and placing items being traded-in by customers into quarantine for 72 hours.

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According to Public Health England the coronavirus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours and on metal and plastics for up to 72 hours.

While measures are reportedly in place to limit the number of customers allowed in stores, staff have complained that maintaining social distancing in stores could be impossible, especially for those controlling the flow of customers and behind the tills.

The brand, which is run as a franchise store at over 380 locations across the UK, will be providing staff with PPE but says it is to be used at employees’ discretion.

In an information pack handed out to staff, seen by Eurogamer, CeX also informed staff that “we’re not here to police customer who are not completely sticking to safe social distancing”.

Stock will also reportedly be cleaned at the end of each day, but concerned staff have pointed out that the thousands of games and DVD’s on shelves would take “hours upon hours” to clean and make the task practically impossible.

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  • Absolutely disgusting… CEX deserve to be closed down for the absolute lack of care they are displaying for staff and customers.

  • How much touching and browsing goes on at supermarkets and nobody raises that as an issue and they have thousands through their doors everyday. Taking goods off display for 72 hours that have been touched is impractical and not enough scientific evidence to say it poses an unacceptable risk


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