Contactless payments key to easing anxiety as customers return to shops

Contactless payments are set to be king as customers return to non-essential shops this week, with 40 per cent of shoppers stating it’ll be a key tactic is staying safe.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday urged the UK to “shop with confidence” amid hopes that reopening non-essential retail stores will boost the coronavirus-battered economy, which is expected to shrink eight per cent.

However new research from payments giant Laybuy suggests that shoppers are still anxious about returning to stores, with 42 per cent stating they are unsure how to feel about returning to the high street.

A further 38 per cent said they felt nervous about returning to shops, while 20 per cent said they were excited.

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Shoppers are implementing a number of methods to mitigate their anxiety about returning to shops, including using only contactless payments.

Over 45 per cent of shoppers said they would only visit stores in off-peak hours, while 36 per cent said they would avoid spending more time shopping than necessary.

Face masks and hand sanitizer were also high on the list, with 34 per cent and 36 per cent of respondents listing them as they top tactics.

“It’s hugely encouraging to see people preparing to return to the UK high street in such responsible ways,” Laybuy’s managing director Gary Rohloff said.

“People need to feel comfortable and they already have good ideas on how they will go about it. We’re seeing retailers do everything they can to make their customers feel as reassured and at ease as possible, and we hope this research will provide some useful insights for them.”

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