Jeff Bezos is “available to testify” in front of congress for the first time say lawyers

Jeff Bezos is reportedly “available to testify” before a congressional antitrust panel in the US marking the first time the billionaire has appeared before congress.

Amazon’s attorney Robert Kelner told the House Judiciary Committee, which is investigation big technology companies over potential breaches in antitrust laws, that the company had cooperated filly with the probe and that Bezos was available to testify “with other CEOs this summer”.

While Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook are all under investigation by the House Judiciary Committee, Amazon has recently received numerous calls for Bezos to testify over antitrust allegations.

In early May the committee ordered Bezos to testify before them over allegations that the retailer may have misled and potentially even lied to congress.

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The statements in question, made by Amazon’s associate general counsel Nate Sutton last July, alleged that Amazon did not use data of individual sellers to inform its strategy on own-brand products.

Sutton may have at best “misrepresented key aspects of Amazon’s business practices while omitting important details in response to pointed questioning”, and at worst lied in both his testimony and written answers submitted later on, according to The House Antitrust Subcommittee chairman David Cicilline

This is the first indication that Bezos would be willing to testify, after being threatened with a subpoena last month.

Cicilline said testimony from these company’s chief executives was “essential to complete this bipartisan investigation into the state of competition in the digital marketplace.”

Amazon also said that it had given the antitrust panel more than 225,000 pages of documents as part of its investigation.

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