WhatsApp launches Pay feature allowing users to buy items from retailers in-app

WhatsApp has launched WhatsApp Pay allowing users to send money and pay for goods for free without leaving the app.

WhatsApp Pay has been launched in its second largest maket Brazil where the Facebook-owned messaging app has more than 120 million users.

In the group’s latest effort to boost commerce through its various platforms, users can now shop with small business in-app helping “bring more businesses into the digital economy, opening up new opportunities for growth”.

Businesses have been able to respond to customer questions and upload a catalogue of products in-app since November in key markets including the UK, but this marks the next major evolution of its service.

Retailers will have to pay a small fee “similar to what they may already pay when accepting a credit card transaction” and can accept a range of debit and credit cards from Brazil’s major banks.

While it’s not yet clear when the service will launch in other markets, Facebook said it would be focusing on its key markets India, Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia.

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When it launched its catalogue feature in November, the UK, US and Germany were also included alongside these four key markets, suggesting they could be next on its list for expansion.

It comes less than a month after Facebook launched ‘Shops’, a new ecommerce platform marking major challenge to Amazon and its latest concentrated push into online retail.

Its new tool allows any retail business “no matter what size or budget” to launch an online storefront for free across its range of social media platforms.

Customers can find a business’ Shop page on their Facebook and Instagram profiles, as well as in stories or promoted ads.

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