You can now buy face masks from “Vendamask” vending machines across the UK

Face mask vending machines are being installed across the UK in retailers and public spaces as measures forcing people to wear them on public transport come into effect.

Maskey has begun installing its “Vendamask” machines across the country, with 10 vending machines already trading including four in Greater London.

Another 20 machines are set to be rolled out over the next week by the startup, which launched online in May, and its founder Adam Freeman believes 50 will be up and running by the end of July.

Each machine can hold 180 ‘Vendamask Mini’ masks, or 250 ‘Vendamask Max’ masks, which cost either £6 or £8 made and can be purchased via contactless payment.

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Real time reporting technology will inform the company when stock is low so a representative can refill them before they run out.

Maskey says all the masks available in its vending machines are made by “a machinist wearing a facemask and gloves” adding that within seconds of the mask being completed it is “steamed at over 90 degrees” before being placed in a sealed plastic wallet.

Each mask is machine washable and the company also offers personalised face coverings for an extra charge.

Hamleys’ flagship store on Regent Street already has a Vendamask installed, but any retailer can order a machine free of charge and receive a cut of each mask sold in their store.

“10% of the profit from each sale will be donated to the charity Lenderhand, which is currently supporting the NHS along with individuals and families in need during this crisis,” Freeman added.

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  • I saw you The One Show just now and congratulations on the new venture. My name is Graeme and I have designed a range of Logos for PPE/FACEWEAR Id like to tell you about to see if they would work for Maskey.. They are very much ‘ Of the now’ with the pandemic

    Best regards
    Graham Neil


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