Aldi to install 40 bottle deposit reverse vending machines across its stores

Aldi has announced plans to install 40 reverse vending machines capable of handling 25,000 plastic and glass bottles every week.

The reverse deposit vending machines will be rolled out across Aldi stores in Scotland ahead of a roll out of a nationwide ‘deposit return scheme’ in July 2022.

Aldi reportedly opted to use the largest units available, which can handle glass, plastic and steel cans, which will be situated in its store’s car parks.

“Due to the high volume of footfall in Aldi stores, there is expected to be a high use of these machines, collecting up to 24,500 units on a weekly basis,” Aldi said.

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“The (reverse vending machines) are available in a range of sizes and Aldi will seek to use the largest size where possible in order to meet the anticipated demand.”

Rival supermarket Iceland, who was the first retailer to adopt the machines as part of its own bottle deposit scheme, celebrated recycling more than one million plastic bottles in August last year.

Its bottle deposit return vending machines were launched across four stores in Fulham, Mold, Musselburgh, Wolverhampton last year, and extended to a store in Belfast in January.

Boots, Morrisons, Co-op and Sainsbury’s have also trialled the machines, which offer coupons in exchange for recycled bottles, in a limited number of stores.

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