DPD hires 6000 new workers to meet “the biggest boom in online retailing in the UK’s history”

DPD is hiring 6000 new workers and investing £200 million in its network in order to match demand from “the biggest boom in online retailing in the UK’s history”.

The delivery giant announced today that it was making an “unprecedented investment in our infrastructure and people” to make sure it can continue to match a spike in demand for online delivery which it believes is the ‘new normal’.

DPD, which delivers parcels for some of the UK’s biggest retailers, said it will hire 2500 new full-time depot, hub and management positions alongside 3500 new delivery drivers.

Alongside the hiring spree, it will invest a total of £200 million to expand its next day delivery capabilities, including £100 million on new vehicles.

It will also spend £60 million on building 15 new regional distribution depots this year, 10 more than it had planned to pre-coronavirus.

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Despite physical retail beginning to reopen its doors, DPD believes that online sales will continue to grow throughout the rest of 2020.

“DPD has been one of the fastest growing major companies in the UK in the last 10 years, due to the growth in e-commerce,” DPD’s chief executive Dwain McDonald said.

“But what we have seen in recent months is potentially a much more significant shift in behaviour, and we believe elements of it will be permanent.  As a company, we’ve been dealing with rapid growth and ongoing investment cycles for a long time, but this is a very significant moment.

“I do think the High Street will bounce back from where things are now, but we have to base our modelling on our conversations with retailers and their projections. It looks like there will remain a much greater reliance on e-commerce in the future – that’s going to be our ‘new normal’.

“This investment and expansion mean that we will continue to be right there for our retail customers, alongside them, with the capacity to cope with the demand they are seeing online.”

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