Demand for Uniqlo’s high-tech ‘Airism’ breathable face masks cause website to crash

Uniqlo’s website has crashed due to skyrocketing demand for its new high-tech ‘Airism’ face mask made of breathable fabric.

Its Airism masks, which allow the wearer to stay cool in the heat and during exercise, launched in its home country of Japan online and in stores today.

Shoppers were seen queueing in the rain for hours for a chance to get their hands on the masks, while a spike in online traffic caused the retailer’s website to become inundated and crash.

These masks feature a patent-pending three-layer construction, including an outer UV protection layer blocking 90 per cent of ultraviolet rays, a high-quality filter layer with a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 99 per cent, then a layer on the inside made of the same fabric used in its breathable underwear ranges.

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Masks come in packs of three which cost around $10, and each can be reused and washed up to 20 times.

They are able to block water droplets, bacteria particles, virus particles and pollen, however Japanese consumers are most drawn to their ability to keep the wearer cool as the warm summer kicks in.

Its not yet clear when the ranges will be available to purchase in Europe, but their popularity has already seen the brands shares jump one per cent this morning.

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