Morrisons tech partner which built its food box network in just 6 days gets “five figure” government funding

Morrisons technology partner which powered its recent popular food box initiative has receive “five figure funding” from the government.

Orderly, which helped the retailer establish its food box operation in just six days during the crucial first few weeks of lockdown, received the funding as part of the Innovate UK competition.

Innovate UK offers government grants to the “best game-changing and commercially viable” companies, and has recently focused on companies enabling retailers to operate during and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Morrisons food boxes, which were launched in early April and cost £35 each, required Orderly to create a dedicated website, pick and pack technologies including integration with couriers, payment processors and customer relationship management systems.

Within two weeks Morrisons said it was “dramatically” ramping up production of its food boxes, from 10,000 a week to 100,000 per week.

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Orderly has already significantly expanded its size over the past month and says it is still embarking on a “major recruitment drive”, aiming to double in size by 2021.

It said it plans to use the new funding to increase the scale of its solutions and make them “accessible for a wider range of retailers and international grocery stores”.

“The Covid-19 crisis has caused major disruption in supply chains but also a chance to reassess how things are done,” Orderly’s chief executive Peter Evans said.

“With that disruption has come the opportunity for major innovation and we have been at the heart of that, especially in the food and beverage industry.

“A simple, specialised service for any food and beverage business to create and manage food box orders and deliveries does not currently exist. With this funding, we can accelerate our development of that technology to ensure it is fast to implement at other enterprises. With this, medium and large food and beverage businesses can begin to deliver food boxes.”

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