Apple forced to close 14 more stores in Florida as COVID-19 cases rise by thousands per day


Apple is being forced to shut a further 14 stores across Florida just weeks after reopening doors as coronavirus cases across the state grow by thousands per day.

Earlier this week Apple said that it was temporarily closing 10 stores across four states “due to current COVID-19 conditions in some of the communities we serve”.

It has now added an additional 14 stores across Florida which is in the midst of one of the most severe outbreaks in the country.

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As of this morning there have been 114,010 cases of coronavirus in Florida, with at least 3326 of those resulting in death.

New cases jumped by over 5000 yesterday for the second day in a row, hitting records on Wednesday with 5511 new cases.

Florida now ranks sixth in the US states worst hit by the virus, while southern states like Arizona and North and South Carolina also suffer from widespread outbreaks.

Upon announcing its first batch of closures, Apple said: “These are not decisions we rush into — and a store opening in no way means that we won’t take the preventative step of closing it again should local conditions warrant.”

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