£14 Lidl trainers flood Ebay selling for up to £450

Lidl has released its own branded pair of sneakers which are now being sold for up to £450 on resale platforms at more than 30 times their original retail price.

The branded trainers were released in Lidl stores across Finland, but have drawn widespread attention from sneakerheads worldwide.

Launched as part of Lidl’s wider branded apparel line, which also included sliders, socks and t-shirts, the shoes were sold for the equivalent of £14.

However they have now flooded resale platforms like Ebay and Depop, appearing on both platforms for hundreds of pounds.

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One Ebay seller listing the shoes as “Lidl Sneaker Size 46-Limited Fan Edition” was asking for $570 (£457).

Numerous other Ebay sellers listed the shoes with ‘Buy It Now’ prices of £250, while a number of Depop sellers were also asking upwards of £100 for a pair.

The shoes are understood to be largely sold out in Lidl stores, and local media reported shoppers queuing outside Lidl stores to get their hands on a pair.

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