Aldi’s ‘automated traffic light system’ set to receive major upgrades as it’s rolled out across UK

Aldi’s automated traffic light systems being rolled out across its UK stores are due to receive major upgrades to help deaf and blind shoppers.

Aldi introduced the automated traffic light system, which tracks the number of people in store and informs those queuing when it is safe to enter, in May and is in the process of expanding the technology to all of its UK stores.

To help customers who have visual or hearing impairments, Aldi is now upgrading its systems to include audio and visual prompts.

These will include a verbal audible instruction to enter the store, alongside a visual display of how long they will have to wait in the queue.

“Covid-19 gave us the impetus to work collaboratively and innovatively to develop a solution in record time,” founder of Ocucon, which developed the technology for Aldi, Gary Trotter said.

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“From concept to delivery it took less than three weeks. We continue to work closely with Aldi and other customers to ensure that the system is responsive to customer needs and can adapt to the changing world we are operating in.

“We will continue to incorporate new features, like the two new accessibility functions as the system becomes more widely used.”

It comes as supermarkets across the country are preparing to implement social distancing measures over the long term despite the current easing of lockdown measures.

Asda, which is also testing automated and virtual queuing systems said in May that it expects social distancing measures to be in place for the “rest of the year”.

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