Xbox One series ‘discontinued’ on Amazon suggesting next-gen release could be around the corner


Microsoft may have already scrapped the Xbox One console line as major retailers list the products as discontinued.

Amazon now lists the Xbox One and the Xbox One X as discontinued, suggesting that the next generation Xbox Series X could be launched soon, according to The Metro.

US retailer Target has also reportedly listed the entire Xbox One series as discontinued on its internal server, adding weight to speculation.

This means that once current stocks have sold out, no more Xbox One’s will be available for purchase.

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It comes just two weeks ahead of the Xbox Games Showcase event, in which Microsoft is expected to release details about its follow-up console.

This would mark an unusual move for Xbox, which is not due to release its new line of consoles for a few months.

As the upcoming generation of titles will reportedly be compatible with box Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles, it could suggest the company plans to replace its entire console range at once.

While details of the decision are unlikely to be revealed before the event on July 23, it makes sense in the context of dramatically slowed console sales throughout summer months, especially when a new generation of consoles is around the corner.

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