Amazon Prime voted favourite online grocery service coming well ahead of traditional supermarkets

Amazon Prime has been voted the most popular grocery delivery service, pulling well ahead of traditional grocers amid a spike in orders during lockdown.

Amazon scored an average of 4.47 out of five in a poll of 2000 US online and in-store grocery shoppers, according to the Retail Feedback Group (RFG).

It came comfortably above the US largest physical retailer Walmart, which scored 4.38, and grocery delivery rival Instacart which scored 4.35.

Supermarkets and foodstores rated lowest at 4.33 for their online shopping experience, coming below the overall average of 4.38.

All four were scored lower average satisfaction ratings than a year earlier when the average was 4.48, suggesting that the sharp increase in orders during lockdown has caused retailers service to falter.

This will be promising news for Amazon executives who have been keen to break into the grocery market, both physical and online, for some time.

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Despite being the highest rated, Amazon came behind both Walmart and traditional supermarkets in terms of overall usage.

According to RFG 40 per cent of respondents said they had used Walmart in the past 30 days, growing from 37 per cent a year earlier.

Conversely just 14 per cent said they had used Amazon over the past month, more than halving from the 29 per cent reported last year.

Traditional supermarkets saw the largest gain in online shopping usage, jumping from 22 per cent in 2019 to 34 per cent this year.

“Considering the sudden, sizable pressure on online grocery shopping during the pandemic, it is noteworthy overall satisfaction registered as high as it did,” RFG’s Brian Numainville said.

“Although supermarkets surged in online shopping use, and many customers may stick, the results show some supermarket shoppers don’t expect to continue online shopping.

“With that in mind, it will be important that supermarkets and online service providers maximize their investment by continually strengthening their offerings in order to retain existing customers, while attracting new ones, along with preparing for any future situations.”

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