You can now buy a range of PPE from vending machines across the UK


PPE vending machines selling everything from reusable face masks to hand sanitiser are continuing to pop up across the UK thanks to startup RapidPPE2go.

RapidPPE2go’s vending machines are stocked with a range of PPE equipment, including high-quality WHO-recommended KN95 Respirator Face Masks, reusable neoprene face masks, disposable face masks, antibacterial handwipes and antibacterial hand gel.

While other vending machines selling just face masks have popped up in train stations and stores around the UK, RapidPPE2go believe they are the first to offer a full range of PPE equipment.

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All purchases can be made contactlessly and the company offers companies the option to deck out the machines with their own branding.

“The idea came about when Lauren noticed an abundance of people getting on to public transport and going about their daily activities without any face coverings, before these were made compulsory on public transport, potentially spreading the virus,” co-founder Tristan Matthews said.

“We wanted to find a way to drive down the R number as quickly as possible. We saw face masks and hand sanitiser vending machines as an innovative and effective way of doing this.

“We want to make masks easily accessible, convenient and cost effective for as many people as possible.”

The company plans to build a “network of reputable suppliers” to expand the rollout of these machines, which are already installed in Swan shopping centre in Horsham.

This will help them provide the “highest quality product at the most affordable price possible”.

It follows the rollout of more than 10 Vendamask vending machines across Greater London, with another 20 set to be installed in the coming weeks.

Installed by Maskey, these machines sell a range of reusable face masks which an also be purchased contactlessly.

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