Amazon unveils high-tech ‘Dash Cart’ which charges customers as they shop

Amazon has unveiled its new automated “Dash Carts” which use computer vision and inbuilt scales to identify items and charge customers without them having to visit a cashier.

Dash Carts are set to be introduced at Amazon’s upcoming grocery store in Los Angeles, bringing its high-tech cashierless Go technology to its new larger grocery format.

Just like in Amazon Go convenience stores, customers will need an Amazon account to use the carts, scanning a QR code with the Amazon app to activate it and link it to their account.

An interactive screen on the cart can then display the customer’s Alexa shopping list.

Shoppers can then place directly into bags inside the Dash Cart, which it will automatically recognise using inbuilt cameras and scales.

For fresh produce items, shoppers can simple enter a four-digit code and quantity on the interactive display, then weigh the items using the cart’s scales.

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The cart will also recognise any items which are removed from the cart, and shoppers can redeem coupons with an inbuilt scanner.

When they’re finished, shoppers take the cart through a special lane which completes the purchase and charges their Amazon account directly negating the need to visit any cashiers.

This is the most significant insight into Amazon’s upcoming grocery format, which will contain around 10 times the amount of items as its smaller Go convenience stores, from the company to date.

While early reports suggested these larger stores would not integrate the expensive and complicated Go technology, this confirms Amazon is still planning to push the boundaries of traditional grocery retail.

“You need to be able to add that and keep track of all of that and it just increases the complexity,” Amazon’s vice president of physical retail and technology Dilip Kumar said.

“Plus, the weighing component of it also has to be very robust to be able to allow for a very accurate receipt experience for a customer.

“We try to hide that complexity away from customers so you don’t have to learn any new shopping behaviors.

“Once you’re signed in with your phone, you can put the phone away and your normal way that you shop stays the same.”

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