Amazon to reimpose limits on sellers as coronavirus cases surge throughout “most of the US”

Amazon has warned US sellers that it will be re-imposing restrictions on the quantity of goods they can sell via its Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) service.

From August until the end of the year merchants who use Amazon’s FBA service, which sees the retail giant store, fulfil and post goods from its automated warehouses, must adhere to quantity limits.

In March, Amazon banned all of its FBA customers from selling non-essential items as demand for online orders skyrocketed while coronavirus cases spiked.

Despite Amazon largely returning to normal operations since then, the blistering spike in coronavirus cases across the US has forced Amazon to reinstate limits for sellers amid fears of a second lockdown could be imposed.

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“Even though it’s July, we’re preparing early for the holiday season to meet sustained increased demand, and have already reduced our own Retail product ordering to accommodate more of your products and help you continue to see sales growth,” it told sellers.

To ensure its is ready to “best serve all of our selling partners and customers”, Amazon said items with an “Inventory Performance Index threshold” of less than 500 will now be limited, ensuring the best selling items are stocked during peak times.

Wider quantity limits will be enforced on all products in FBA, while a free removals promotion will be offered to retailer for items which are not selling to “create more room for productive inventory”.

More than 3.5 million US citizens have now contracted coronavirus while more than 136,000 have died.

According to the New York Times: “Case numbers are surging throughout most of the United States, including in many states that were among the first to reopen.”

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