Tesco partners with zero-waste shopping platform Loop to deliver goods in re-usable containers

Tesco has partnered with “zero-waste shopping platform” Loop to offer delivery on 150 items via reusable containers.

The UK’s largest supermarket has launched a year-long trial with Loop, a startup which is attempting to reduce waste by delivery goods in “redesigned” containers like steel ice-cream tubs.

Customers will pay a deposit for the containers and can then order items from leading brands including Nestle, Unilever and Coca Cola who have all designed branded containers for Loop.

These will be specially delivered by DPD, who will also collect the containers when they’re empty and hand them to food safety firm Ecolab to be professionally cleaned, then returned to the shopper.

Loop also allows customers to “auto-refill” their favourite items after they’re returned, and returns can also be made via select Tesco stores.

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Tesco announced plans to partner with Loop back in February, after media giant Sky invested £1.5 million in the company as part of its impact investment fund.

“Our ground-breaking partnership with Loop has been designed to test a new way of helping customers use less plastic and explore the exciting potential of reuse,” Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis said.

“We will learn what works at scale as we develop plans with Loop to introduce reusable packaging into our business.”

The partnership has also drawn recognition from environmental groups like Greenpeace.

Its senior campaign manager Louise Edge added: “Replacing throwaway packaging with refillable containers won’t just help stem plastic pollution and protect wildlife. By preventing swaps from single use plastic to cardboard, it helps protect our forests too. Plus, reuse can deliver reduction in greenhouse gases, so it’s a win win win for the environment.”

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  • I’m all for the environment but what about allergies? No one ever thinks about people with allergies. And, it seems very unclean to have it on the floor like in the video. Why would you put food stuffs on the floor which is dirty. Until it’s more clean it’s a no thanks here and I shall be purchasing things I know I can recycle or can be reused into new things. Just purchase what you need.


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