Google launches experimental video shopping platform Shoploop

Google is launching a new experimental interactive video shopping platform Shoploop which can introduce shoppers to new products in under 90 seconds.

Shoploop is designed to combine entertainment and shopping together and was reportedly inspired by how users today use a combination of social media and ecommerce to discover and vet new purchases.

Users can scroll through 90-second video clips detailing products, which for now are largely focused on beauty items.

Creators can be followed and their videos can be shared with friends and family.

Once a user has found a video of an item they like, they can either save it or be linked to the items website before making a purchase.

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This experimental new platform was created by Google’s research and development division Area 120, which launches new ideas to Google’s public user base to test their potential.

While other platforms like Instagram, NTWRK and TikTok gave all experimented with video shopping, Google’s considerable reach and resources could make Shoploop a contender within the space.

Shoploop is currently available on iOS and Android and will soon launch on desktop.

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