Amazon’s Jeff Bezos made $13bn yesterday in the largest single-day rise in personal wealth on record


Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos made $13 billion yesterday marking the largest single-day rise in individual wealth on record.

Bezos, who owns an 11 per cent stake in Amazon, has now seen his personal wealth grow $74 billion this year despite the US experiencing the most severe economic downturn since the great depression.

On Friday Amazon reported its fifth consecutive day of losses marking its worst week since February, however yesterday morning stocks rebounded by 7.9 per cent, sending Bezos personal wealth skyrocketing to around $189.3 billion.

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Meanwhile other tech giants like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg have also benefitted from the growing use of online platforms during lockdown.

Despite the growing advertising boycott which has seen nearly 100 brands pull their ad spend from Facebook, Zuckerberg has made over $15 billion this year.

Amazon shares are now up around 73 per cent this year.

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