Yahoo Mail users can now by Walmart groceries directly from their inbox


Walmart has launched a new service allowing Yahoo Mail users to purchase items for home delivery directly from their inbox.

Yahoo Mail, which was bought by Verizon Media for $4.5 billion in 2017, is set to become the first company to enable shoppers to purchase items directly from their email inbox.

“Groceries from Walmart” will send Yahoo Mail users an email with a range of personalised grocery recommendations, which when opened will allow users to browse items, add them to their cart of pay for items without leaving their email browser.

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The service is currently available on iOS and desktop, and will soon be rolled out to Android.

“Customers are leaning on Walmart more than ever for us to help them save on items they need the most, but also to help save them time,” Walmart’s senior vice president of marketing Rich Lehrfeld, said.

“The new Groceries from Walmart feature that lives within Yahoo Mail takes one more step out of our customers’ days, helping them shop when, how and where they want.”

Currently around 25 per cent of US citizens use Yahoo Mail, which is available in over 40 countries and has 200 million active monthly users.

Verizon Media’s chief executive Guru Gowrappen added: “Because of the unprecedented coronavirus challenge, online grocery shopping is now the new normal, and Verizon Media is well-positioned to take advantage of the behavior shifts.

“We’re proud to partner with Walmart on this industry-first feature, helping Yahoo Mail users more easily browse and buy essential groceries without having to leave their inbox, saving them time and helping them organize their lives through enhanced and innovative experiences within their email.”

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