Amazon scraps support for its failed Dash Wand barcode scanners

Amazon is scrapping support for its Dash Wand barcode scanning device as the retailer hammers the final nail in the coffin of its failed Dash experiment.

Its Dash Wand, launched in 2017, allows users to scan the barcodes on a wide array of household items and have them added automatically to their shopping basket to reorder seamlessly.

It formed part of its wider Dash initiative, which also included Amazon Dash buttons which were also scrapped in March last year.

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Its Dash buttons allowed Prime customers to reorder every-day household goods with the touch of a button, with hundreds of brands offering their own buttons and millions of devices being sold.

The failure of both features has been largely attributed to the rise in popularity of smart home devices like Amazon’s Alexa.

While the Dash Wand integrated its Alexa technology, allowing users to order items using their voice, it was made largely redundant by the similarly priced Echo smart speakers.

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  • So Dash is a “failed experiment” because Alexa devices have taken over? That’s like saying the iPod was a failed experiment because of the iPhone. I say – keep innovating Amazon!


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