Sainsbury’s is launching a virtual queing system to help vulnerable shoppers social distance

Sainsbury’s is introducing a virtual queuing system across its UK stores helping vulnerable customers avoid crowds when grocery shopping.

Sainsbury’s has partnered with Ufirst to roll out its new virtual queuing system, which it is set to trial at five UK stores in Pimlico, Leicester North, Watford, Newham Royal Warf and Uxbridge until mid-August.

Shoppers can join a virtual queue after downloading the Sainsbury’s app then monitor their position from any destination, before receiving a notification that they can enter the store.

The grocer said it will be “listening closely to feedback from our customers and colleagues” during the trial, with a view to rolling it out more widely in future.

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It is also understood to be in preparation for a potential second lockdown, enabling Sainsbury’s to quickly implement the feature while to reduce queues should stricter limits on shopper numbers be re-imposed in the UK.

Alongside this rollout, Sainsbury’s is also significantly expanding its SmartShop mobile scanning technology to over 100 stores over the next week.

As lengthy queues have become the norm in retail stores due to social distancing measures, numerous grocers have implemented virtual queuing solutions.

Asda announced a similar virtual queuing initiative in May, while Tesco rolled out measures allowing customers to queue in their cars while it was raining in June.

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