Amazon launches brand new Alexa app

Amazon is set to roll out a brand-new Alexa app for its smart assistant offering personalised suggestions and greatly improved navigation.

Amazon is releasing a brand-new version of its mobile Alexa app, which brings its smart assistant usually associated with its Echo home devices to Android and iOS devices.

Its redesign will offer users far more personalisation based on their individual Alexa usage.

For instance, if the user usually uses their Echo dot to play music, the new Alexa app will feature music controls prominently on its home screen.

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It will offer immediate access to users’ Alexa shopping list, and connect with Amazon-owned apps like Audible to allow users quick access to their audiobooks.

It also aims to offer more instructions and suggestions about how its smart assistant can be used, now favouring its own functions over third-party additions.

Other features like Echo volume controls or smart device connectivity will also feature prominently in the home screen depending on how each customer uses Alexa.

Amazon says it expects its newly revamped app to be available to all existing users by late august.

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