Huawei launches AR-integrated live streaming platform for retailers

Huawei is launching a new high-tech ecommerce live streaming tool for retailers offering augmented reality (AR) integration and real-time back drop processing.

Huawei’s says its new live streaming solution will help retailers “host superior live streaming experiences” and developers “unlock more opportunities in the rapidly growing ecommerce industry”.

Its new device virtualisation kit allows the streamers phone to connect to numerous connected cameras, allowing the streamer to switch between cameras with a single click.

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Real-time backdrop processing has also been integrated, allowing digital backdrop replacements to be installed easily.

The Chinese tech giant, which overtook Samsung to become the worlds largest smartphone manufacturer last quarter, is also integrating its AR technology into its streaming service.

This will allow streamers to display digital 3D models in real-time, dramatically expanding the scope of opportunity for developers.

Livestreaming has seen a rapid rise in prominence during lockdown, helping retailers host product launch events and engage with customers simply and cheaply.

The phenomenon has exploded in the Chinese market, with Alibaba piling resources into its live streaming platform Alibaba Connect, which is looking for 100,000 influencers to expand its operations influence over seas.

“The pandemic forces us, as consumers, to change our behaviors due to lockdowns and restrictions. Online demand is flourishing with a greater variety of products and categories online,” Huawei’s head of product and business intelligence Roosevelt Nascimento said.

“Digital has become the core business of every type of industry.”

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