Pornhub is giving free ad space to small retailers struggling during the pandemic


Pornhub is offering small retailers free advertising on its platform so they can “gain the exposure they deserve during the pandemic”.

Its ‘Big Package for Small Businesses’ is offering 100 small businesses what would usually be premium and expensive ad space for free.

Businesses with less than 100 employees can sign up to be considered for the programme, before a group of internal representatives from Pornhub’s marketing advertising and sales teams select the winners.

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100 companies will then have a range of customised and likely inuendo-heavy adverts created for them, which will be placed across the website.

“To give a little extra love and support to small businesses during this uncertain time, our “Big Package” for small businesses will give small businesses the opportunity to tap into our audience of 130 million daily visitors and gain the exposure they deserve during the pandemic,” Pornhub’s vice president Corey Price said.

“Bolstering an eclectic user base made up of various demographics, businesses that advertise with us are not only able to connect with their target audience, but enhance their overall brand visibility — especially during this time when the world is more digitally connected than ever.”

Companies have until August 14th to apply.

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