Pinterest accused of rampant misogyny as former COO sues over gender discrimination

Pinterest is being sued by its former chief operating officer for gender discrimination who claims she was sacked for speaking out about the “misogyny that permeates Pinterest”.

Francoise Brougher, who acted as the company’s COO from March 2018 until April this year, has accused the online platform of encouraging a discriminatory environment which silences female executives.

In her lawsuit, Brougher claims she was paid less than her male peers, left out of important board meetings and given gendered feedback, according to the New York Times.

The lawsuit also accuses the company’s chief financial officer Todd Morganfeld of discrimination, after he asked Brougher “what is your job anyway?” in front of her colleagues months before she was fired.

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In a separate 4000-word blog post Brougher also laid out the details of the ways she felt she was discriminated against after speaking out against the company’s internal practices.

After complaining to the company’s chief executive Ben Silbermann about a key issue regarding the company’s advertising systems, an area in which she has built her career, she was subsequently left out of board meetings.

Furthermore, she accused Sibermann of asking her to tell her team she was leaving by choice after sacking her, and encouraged her to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

“I was not going to lie to my team and did not sign the NDA presented to me,” she said.

“I realized it was more important to finally be an advocate for women at Pinterest, and for anyone else experiencing the pernicious effects of sexism, bias, and retaliation.

“According to Pinterest, I was fired not for the results I achieved, but for not being ‘collaborative.

“I believe that I was fired for speaking out about the rampant discrimination, hostile work environment, and misogyny that permeates Pinterest.”

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