Ralph Lauren and Snapchat launch first ever Bitmoji virtual fashion line

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Ralph Lauren has launched a range of virtual clothes that customers can purchase to dress their digital avatars in Bitmoji.

Snapchat has partnered with Ralph Lauren to launch new digital fashion initiative, which will bring its real-world garments into the virtual world.

Bitmoji is Snapchat’s personalised emoji platform which lets users “create an expressive cartoon avatar” of themselves.

The multi-year collaboration will allow users to pick six Ralph Lauren branded items for both male and female avatars and combine the garments with other non-branded items of virtual clothing.

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They can then share their Ralph Lauren-clad avatars throughout the Snapchat ecosystem, including Snap Map, Snapchat Chat and Bitmoji stories.

“With Ralph Lauren’s respected reputation as a global leader within the luxury fashion space and Snap’s undeniable creative prowess and expansive reach to a younger consumer, we feel inspired to explore disruptive ways to tell our brand’s story, drive social commerce and engage with a new generation in an authentic and empowering way,” Ralph Lauren’s chief digital officer Alice Delahunt said.

Snap’s head of fashion and beauty Selby Drummond added: “This partnership is an expansive and holistic venture to bring the Ralph Lauren brand into the digital world.

“Bitmoji is the world’s most personal avatar, and with a new virtual wardrobe experience, it’s possible to feel even more closely and authentically connected to your avatar when wearing the labels you love.”

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