Tesco to donate £2.4 million worth of phones and devices to “deliver connectivity” to the homeless

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Tesco has partnered with homelessness charity Crisis to donate millions of pounds worth of phones and devices “helping to deliver connectivity to those who need it most.”

Tesco’s mobile phone division has launched a two-year partnership with Crisis as part of its ‘Reconnects’ initiative, in which it aims to donate £2.4 million worth of phones, devices and connectivity to 13,000 of the UK’s most vulnerable people by 2023.

The first year of its partnership will see Tesco Mobile donate £700,000 worth of devices, while inviting customers to donate their old smartphones to the cause.

The UK’s largest supermarket is hoping to highlight the importance of digital connectivity for the most disadvantaged members of society, and is aiming to dramatically increase the number of people it can help through public fundraising.

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“For many people living without a permanent home, digital connection is a necessary lifeline,” Tesco Mobile’s chief executive Tom Denyard said.

“An important part of our partnership with Crisis will be in helping to deliver connectivity to those who need it most.”

Crisis’ chief executive Jon Sparkes added: “Access to a phone or to the internet has been vital for so many people throughout the pandemic to stay connected, yet it’s something we know people experiencing homelessness often don’t have, and this adds to feelings of isolation and anxiety.”

“During lockdown, we provided 1,000 mobile phones to clients to ensure they can continue to access support digitally, reconnect with family and friends and find somewhere safe and settled to live online.

“By working with Tesco Mobile, we will build on this work and ensure a far greater number of people experiencing homelessness across Great Britain can connect with Crisis and other vital services to help them end their homelessness for good.”

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