Primark launches video game “Primark Legends” where players tidy shelves and mop floors

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Primark has launched its very first mobile video game “Primark Legends” where gamers play as a shop assistant at a busy store.

Primark Legends is a “fast-paced, shop assistant simulator” which challenges gamers to be the perfect team member in “Primark’s first digital shop”.

In perhaps one of the least exciting premises for a video game in history, gamers will have to clean up spills on the shop floor, make repeated trips to the stock room, tidy shelves and help customers find their perfect outfits.

The aim of the game is to get a five-star rating by “creating conga lines of happy customers, reuniting shoppers with their lost toys and most importantly… listening to the boss”.

Primark Legends, which it says is “the high street’s first mobile gaming app”, is available to download and play for free on Android and iOS from today.

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While this may be one of the least ambitious premises for a retail video game, it is far from the first.

BoohooMan, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Karl Lagerfeld, Gucci and Adidas all releasing offerings over the past 18 months as brand increasingly see gaming as an invaluable recource to “engage and excite millennials”.

According to a recent report from investment banking giant Jefferies, luxury brands are set to drive this unlikely partnership forward over the coming years as they seek to capitalise on the increasingly lucrative market.

It argues that the current gaming demographic represent the next generation of luxury consumers, with 46 per cent of the world’s active gamers already spending money in-game.

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