UK shoppers make tens-of-thousands of searches for fake designer goods every month


Fake designer goods are becoming increasingly popular in the UK thanks to the rise in resale platforms like Ebay and Depop.

According to new research from H&T Pawnbrokers, UK shoppers spent £3.1 billion on fake handbags and jewellery along this year.

While a reported 22 million UK shoppers have unwittingly bought fake goods, a growing number are actively searching them out.

Adidas Yeezy trainers, which can set customers back thousands of pounds, are reportedly the most commonly searched fake item.

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H&T reported that monthly searches for “Fake Yeezy” are now above 15,400, while searches for “Fake Balenciaga” topped 15,000.

Other iconic luxury brands including Rolex, Ray-Ban, Gucci, Cartier and Vivienne Westwood are all seeing monthly searches for rip-off items in the thousands.

“Counterfeit designer goods are becoming increasingly common, particularly within the online second-hand market where consumers cannot see the items before they purchase them,” H&T’s Sarah Buck said.

“Although clothing is the industry worst hit by fake products, replica jewellery is on the rise and Rolex is the most counterfeited watch worldwide, where there is clearly a demand with over 14,000 searches a month in the UK.”

In June Amazon launched a special “Counterfeit Crimes Unit” to crack down on unlawful sales of fake and counterfeit products amid increasing pressure.

It comes after new measures were passed by the US Department of Homeland Security in January threatening online retailers like Amazon, Alibaba and Ebay with severe penalties for selling illegal counterfeit goods.

The measures will see law enforcement officials will begin identifying counterfeit goods being sold online immediately, and actively pursuing them with fines and potentially “injunctive relief”.

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