Gucci to launch virtual sneaker creation app Sneaker Garage

Gucci is set to launch an experimental virtual sneaker creation app allowing customers to virtually try on their creations or dress their digital avatars.

Gucci Sneaker House will launch later this month and feature the launch of an entirely virtual sneaker designed by Alessandro Michele.

The app, which will launch in Gucci’s Arcade section, will give users access to tools where they can create their own trainers from parts of existing models.

It will then utilise its industry leading augmented reality (AR) technology, first launched in June last year, to try on their creations virtually and share their creations across social media.

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“Through this interactive and trailblazer entertainment, Gucci involves its enthusiasts in a new dimension with the products and codes of the House, allowing users to bring their self-expression to post-physical and unexplored territories,” said Gucci in a statement.

It comes as Gucci continues to push into the emerging virtual fashion realm, having released numerous digital items for platforms like Drest and Aglet.

According to Fast Company, Gucci is now designing clothes with the view that they will be worn by both real people and their digital avatars.

“The virtual world is creating its own economy,” Gucci’s chief merchandising officer Robert Triefus told Fast Company.

“Virtual items have value because of their own scarcity, and because they can be sold and shared.

“The worlds of fashion and gaming are colliding… Increasingly, there’s going to be a blurred line between the physical and the virtual.”

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