Uniqlo to launch circular fashion initiative Re.Uniqlo transforming old clothes into new garments


Uniqlo is preparing to launch a new recycling initiative which will collect old unused garment and transform them into new products.

The new circular fashion initiative, dubbed Re.Uniqlo, will invite customers to donate their used down garments to their local stores from September 24.

Customers who donate their used down jackets will receive a coupon that can be spend both instore and online.

Uniqlo will then launch a new Recycled Down Jackets on November 9 as the first product in their new Re.Uniqlo range.

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Since September 2019, Uniqlo has collected more than 620,000 jackets in its native Japan which will be used to create this new range.

“We have more than 2000 stores around the world, and we can solve social issues (such as environmental destruction) by collecting products that our customers no longer need at stores and recreating them into new products,” Unqilo owner Fast Retailing’s Masahiro Endo said.

“We will create the ultimate recycling model in our supply chain with the cooperation of our customers, and as a result, we aim to reduce resource usage, carbon dioxide emissions, and waste.”

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