Tesco partners with food waste app Olio to donate thousands of meals to UK communities

Tesco has partnered with food sharing giant Olio to reduce food waste and donate thousands of meals to local communities throughout the UK.

Olio’s app, which operates in over 25 countries, will use a network of 8000 UK volunteers to pick up surplus food from Tesco stores and warehouses across the UK.

Volunteers will then take the products back to their homes, upload them to the Olio app, and arrange pickup with the local community via the app’s chat function.

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Following a successful six-month trial, Tesco will now roll out the scheme to its entire 2700-store estate, marking the Olio’s first tie-up with a major national brand.

The trial, which included 250 Tesco stores which produced the most waste, saw a whopping 36 tonnes of surplus food redistributed.

This included 195,000 portions of food, 4200 people being fed and the equivalent of 93,000 meals being saved from the bin.

“We are very proud of our food waste work and our Community Food Connection scheme with FareShare helps thousands of charities every week,” Tesco’s head of communities Claire De Silva said.

“Right now we want to make sure that any surplus food is being managed and people who need it have access to it. The results of our initial trial were very positive and have allowed us to further roll-out the partnership in our commitment to make sure no good food goes to waste.”

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