Over 100 Shopify merchants’ data stolen by “rogue members” of its support team


Shopify is working with the FBI after “rogue members” of its support team stole data from over 100 of its merchants leading hackers to acquire customer details.

According to Shopify it has now terminated two employees’ access to its network after they were involved in a scheme to obtain customer transaction records from retailers using Shopify’s platform to run their websites.

Hackers obtained customer transaction records from some merchants on September 15, according to cosmetics company and Shopify customer 100% Pure.

Shopify says that less than 200 stores have had their customer data exposed, which could include customers’ names, emails, addresses and order details.

It assured customers that card numbers and other sensitive personal financial information was not at risk.

“We deeply value the trust of our customers and we are sorry that this incident has questioned it,” 100% Pure’s chief executive Ric Kostick said.

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“Our top priority right now is to ensure that the safety and security of their data are protected. We are carefully evaluating the extent of this incident with Shopify and will take all necessary and immediate actions to prevent this from happening again.”

In July Shopify, which provides the platform for more than 800,000 ecommerce sites, reported a whopping 97 per cent sales rise over its second quarter.

This saw its revenues thunder past average analyst estimates of $500 million to $714.3 million sending its shares shooting up 11 per cent to an all-time high of $1107.

Not only did this give it a market capitalisation of $130 billion, more than triple its close rival Ebay, but its gross merchandise volumes (GMV) surpassed the online auction giant for the first time.

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