Klarna apologises after Xbox All Access “debacle” hit customers’ credit scores


Klarna has apologised after swathes of customers struggled to secure Xbox Series X pre-orders through its payment plan.

Microsoft partnered with the Swedish payments giant to offer its Xbox All Access bundle, which allows customers to pay for their consoles in a number of interest-free installments.

However, the frenzy to secure a pre-orders caused both Game and Smyths’ websites, the only two places in the UK customers could purchase Xbox All Access, to crash.

Many customers complained that they had received a confirmation email from Klarna that a direct debit had been set up, only to be told by the retailers that their order had not been successful.

“This happened because, in response to the high demand, the retailers ran out of stock and had to close online orders whilst consumers were part way through the checkout, or had just completed their credit applications,” Klarna said.



“We would like to reassure consumers who have received notification that they have set up a direct debit but were unable to place their order that we are working with our retailers to ensure a satisfactory outcome for these consumers.”

Customers were also concerned that their credit scores had been adversely affected by Klarna, after numerous attempts to secure an order led to a number of credit checks from the company.

According to Klarna, it performs a hard credit check “when a customer applies for our financing products”.

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Hard credit checks appear on customers’ credit reports and can adversely affect their credit scores, especially when numerous checks are conducted.

“If you are however concerned or believe you have seen more than one hard credit check, please let us know and we are happy to investigate,” it added.

“If an error has occurred, we will work alongside the Credit Reference Agency to ensure a hard credit check made by Klarna only appears once.”

“We recognise this has been a frustrating experience for many of our consumers. Please rest assured that we are working hard with our retailers and we are extremely sorry for any inconvenience or distress this may have caused. If any of our customers are concerned, we encourage them to please contact our customer service teams.”

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