Nearly 1 in 4 Brits now “practically addicted” to online shopping


Online shopping has become so prevalent in the UK during lockdown that close to a quarter of Brits admit to being “practically addicted” to it.

More than half of UK adults say they get excited on delivery day when the doorbell rings and look forward to their parcel more than calls with friends and family, or even the end of the working day.

The research, conducted by Argos and OnePoll, found that 10 per cent of online shoppers order so often that they know their delivery driver by name, while 57 per cent would favour online delivery over instore purchasing for the latest products.

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It comes amid a significant boon for online shopping across the globe as huge swathes of the population remain in lockdown.

According to Argos, which polled 2000 people, 52 per cent of respondents have had more home deliveries in 2020 compared to previous years.

“It’s interesting to see how in this digital age, it’s the doorbell ringing and getting that delivery which really excites the nation,” Argos head of toy buying Juliet Ward said.

“People are choosing online shopping as their preferred experience more than ever before and toys have once again made into the top three most popular categories purchased online.”

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