Amazon rolls out new biometric palm-scanning technology at its stores with Amazon One


Amazon is introducing new state-of-the-art palm-scanning technology at its Amazon Go stores, enabling customers to pay, present loyalty cards and enter locations with their hands.

The retail giant has launched Amazon One, a new palm scanning system which uses “custom-built algorithms and hardware” to create a user’s unique palm signature.

Starting today customers can sign up for Amazon One in less than a minute, and use it to gain entry to two Amazon Go stores in Seattle by hovering their hand above the device for “about a second”.

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While the technology is currently only being used as an entry method at its Go stores, which require users to scan their device upon entry to link to their Amazon accounts, the company says it will soon be used to make payments.

Amazon also plans to offer its new Amazon One technology to third party companies “beyond retail stores”, potentially seeing customers enter locations like stadiums and office building using their palm prints.

To sign up to Amazon One, a customer must insert their credit card into the device and then hold their palm over it while it creates a unique palm signature in real time.

Customers will have the option to enroll just one or both of their palms, and will only need a credit card and phone number to sign up instead of an Amazon account.

According to an Amazon blog post, “palm recognition is considered more private than some biometric alternatives because you can’t determine a person’s identity by looking at an image of their palm”.

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