Secret Shopper – Aglet the “Pokémon Go for sneakerheads”

Described as the Pokémon Go app for sneakerheads, Aglet gives sneaker fans the closest experience they can get to owning the most coveted pairs of sneakers all without owning any.

Instead it allows users to collect virtual sneakers by walking around the real world, earning more points and getting more shoes the more you explore.

The platform is slick and manages to successfully entice its young target audience with incentives to win real sneakers and an attractive user interface.

While the majority of Aglet users will never win any physical sneakers, the app manages to keep users engaged by enabling them to rack up their own personal collection, make repairs and trades, entirely virtually in an accurate simulation of real life.

What is it?

Aglet has been designed for sneakerheads unable to physically purchase grail pairs of shoes who can instead own digital versions of items from Adidas, Nike and other brands.

Modeled after Pokémon Go users collect virtual currency, Purple Aglet, by walking in around in real life. They can then use Purple Aglet to buy sneakers in-app. The amount you earn per km varies on the value of the shoes you “wear”.

Just like in the real world all the sneakers in the app become worn the more you “wear them” meaning users must visit repair stations to fix their sneakers.

Alongside these there are also treasure stashes placed around cities across the globe which can then be “unboxed” to reveal more virtual currency, in-game sneakers, or even real sneakers – a strong incentive for any sneakerheads hoping to get lucky.

Aglet players can also choose to spend real money on Gold Aglet, another in-game currency for acquiring the rarest shoes in the game which can also result in winning real sneakers in some cases, although this remains a rarity.

The Good


The design of the app overall is minimal but modern, an element favored by millennials. The layout is simple with clear labels meaning navigating from different segments of the app is effortless.

Within the app the graphics are impressive on the virtual sneakers with almost every detail translated from real life to their digital counterparts, resulting a near-photo realistic end result.


Once downloaded users can be up and running almost instantly after connecting with their email or social media accounts, allowing them to start collecting Purple Aglet immediately.

The app contains a world map with graphics similar to a Snapchat’s, which is automatically placed on the users exact location (assuming users allow the app to use their location) enabling users to instantly see any features close to their location.

The map shows “stores” across London open to repair virtual shoes as well as treasure “stashes” which users need to get to within a 48 hour period to win.

Overall, the virtual store showcases different shoes from a range of designers which you can filter and narrow down as if shopping online.

Aglet also allows you to trade virtual trainers with your friends at whatever cost you agree on.

Thoughtful additions

It is easy to keep track of how many steps you currently have and to reach milestones within the app meaning users aren’t left guessing how close there are until they can buy more sneakers.

Within the map segment of the app users can virtually scan over different countries and cities for an instant check of any stores and surprises.

When new sneakers are released on the app, the quantities are often limited to mimic real life limited drops adding a further layer of realism.

The Bad

Aglet needs to be running in the background in order to track the amount of steps the user is taking, having a significant impact on battery life.

During testing, we averaged over 90,000 steps in a week leaving our smartphones gasping for a charge within a few hours of being out and about.

Sadly Aglet is only currently available on iOS.

Verdict- Great

A fast and fuss-free set up sets Aglet apart from other virtual fashion apps which require more in-depth log in and start up procedures before allowing users to being shopping.

The app successfully manages to give users the sneakerhead experience without having to spend their life savings on that holy-grail pair.

Its high-quality graphics, real world sneaker drops and additions alongside the ability to trade with your friends mean this virtual fashion app will keep users coming back for more.

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