iPhone engineers have created a new Apple Face Mask for retail employees


Apple has developed its very own branded Apple Face Mask and will begin sending them to its corporate and retail employees who have returned to work over the next two weeks.

Apple’s engineering and industrial design teams, the same groups which develop its iPhone’s and iPads, have now turned their skills to improving the design of everyday face masks.

In true Apple fashion, the masks come in packs of five housed in white, minimalist branded cardboard boxes.

Unlike traditional face masks, Apple’s have two flaps which extend over the nose and underneath the chin, including a “pinch point” on the upper half to create a tighter seal.

They also feature a small clip allowing users to connect the two adjustable ear straps at the back of the head, again ensuring the most secure fit possible.

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Apple said it worked hard to find a filtration material which would effectively protect the wearer but would not place any more strain on the PPE supply chain, but failed to specify what the masks were made of.

While the masks are reportedly designed to be reusable, they can only be worn five times for periods of up to eight hours between washes.

These masks have already proven popular with Apple fanatics, but sadly wont be made available to the general public.

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  • What, the filter, left and right ear strap and head fastener aren’t sold separately for £100 a pop???


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