21% of UK shoppers say they’re now worried about how much they spend online

COVID-19 has permanently impacted how 80 per cent of Brits will shop in the future as the dramatic shift online looks increasingly like it is here to stay.

More than 20 per cent of UK shoppers say they are now worried about how much they’re spending online as shopping digitally becomes the new normal for over half the country, according to new research from Toluna.

The research, which surveyed 1114 respondents in the UK, found that 53 per cent of shoppers were now spending less on holidays, freeing up disposable income for new interests.

A quarter of respondents said they are now spending more on home improvements, while 30 per cent said they were spending more on household cleaning products.

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The data also suggest this shift would last long after lockdown, with 20 per cent stating they would continue to buy personal toiletries and groceries online after lockdown, and a further 23 stating they’ll continue to buy clothing online.

Despite this some shoppers are keen to get back into physical stores, with 61 per cent of respondents stating they still prefer to buy groceries in person.

“With confidence a lot lower now than pre COVID-19, and many consumers thinking carefully about what they choose to spend their money on, the need to understand consumers’ priorities has never been more important,” senior research executive at Harris Interactive Esther Ward said.

“As the pandemic continues, the way people choose to shop will continue to evolve and consumers will expect a lot more innovation by retailers and brands as a consequence. Brands need to continue to adapt to fit with ever-changing consumer needs.”

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