Instagram introducing shopping service to IGTV

Instagram has introduced its shopping service to its video sharing arm IGTV allowing customers to purchase items featured in videos without leaving the app.

IGTV users will now be able to add shopping tags to their posts, allowing users to purchase items with a few tabs either inside Instagram or via the retailer’s website.

Instagram’s shopping service will also soon be introduced to its TikTok rival Reels in the near future.

IGTV videos will also reportedly soon be discoverable in Instagram Shop, according to the social media giant.

This will come as a pleasant surprise for both retailers and Instagram influencers as it provides another direct source of monetisation for their brands.

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During lockdown Instagram has been a lifeline for many brands forced to close their stores for extended periods, enabling them to effectively advertise and sell items to millions of users.

Instagram has been working hard to enable its users to seamlessly sell goods on its platform over the past two years, introducing a range of features and stating outright that it plans to transform itself into a retail-centric app.

In March last year Instagram introduced its Checkout feature, allowing customers to instantly purchase items in their feeds, which is now predicted to be worth over $10 billion a year.

In July it introduced the Instagram Shop feature allowing users to purchase items from inside Explore for the first time.

“Digital creators and brands help bring emerging culture to Instagram, and people come to Instagram to get inspired by them,” Instagram’s chief operating officer Instagram Justin Osofsky said.

“By bringing shopping to IGTV and Reels, we’re making it easy to shop directly from videos. And in turn, helping sellers share their story, reach customers, and make a living.”

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