Tesco to introduce automated traffic light system across all stores as COVID-19 cases continue to spike

Tesco has become the latest major supermarket to introduce a traffic light system across its stores to limit the number of shoppers and help maintain social distancing.

As new coronavirus cases across the UK continue to hit levels not seen since the height of lockdown, Tesco is rolling out a range of new measures in a bid to protect its customers.

Traffic lights will now be installed across its entire estate over the next few months, preventing shoppers from entering a store when it is at capacity.

Staff will also be posted on doors of Tesco’s larger stores to “help everyone follow the safety measures we have in place”.

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Aldi was the first supermarket in the UK to introduce an automated traffic light system, but numerous retailers including Home Bargains, Marks & Spencer and Co-op have adopted the technology on a limited basis since May.

“Over the coming weeks, you will also start to see a simple ‘traffic light’ system at the entrances of some of our larger stores, to help us manage the flow in and out,” Tesco’s new boss Jason Tarry said in an email to customers.

“Hand sanitiser and cleaning stations are available around our stores, and we continue to have social distancing guidelines and signage in place.

“When you visit our stores, please follow the legal guidance on wearing a face covering. If you forget to bring one, we have packs available to buy at the front of our stores, which you can open immediately and pay for with your shopping later. As a reminder, the police are able to issue fines for not wearing a face covering, unless you are exempt.”

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  • Read “Tesco no longer prepared to pay team members to stand at the doors”.

  • A year in & police are still not issuing fines in UK stores, for not wearing a face covering, or verifying those genuinely exempt.


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