Asos would dominate the UK highstreet if it was to compete with physical fashion rivals

Asos would dominate the high street if it was to compete with physical fashion retailers like Debenhams, according to new research.

By analysing search engine visibility and revenues of the UK’s biggest retailers, technology-led financial services company Raisin has determined “how much space our online shops would command in comparison to brick and mortar stores if they were side by side”.

According to Raisin, this virtual high street would see online fashion retailers dominate their physical counterparts, representing 55 per cent of store fronts.

Asos would command a whopping 32.5 per cent of the virtual high street, significantly out-sizing its closest physical rival Debenhams with 24.8 per cent.


Aside from New Look, which has a 7.4 per cent share, online fashion retailers including Boohoo, PrettyLittleThing and Missguided out-size the high street’s biggest players like H&M, Zara and TopShop comfortably.

Unsurprisingly outside of fashion Amazon would dominate the virtual high street, commanding a whopping 60.4 per cent of space, followed by Ebay with 23.4 per cent.

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These giants dwarf the nearest physical rival Argos which has just 9.1 per cent, followed by John Lewis’ three per cent.

Meanwhile in the grocery sector, Ocado would command a mere 4.5 per cent of the market, despite it recently challenging Tesco as the UK’s most valuable grocer.

“Asda holds the strongest stance with 32.8 per cent on the virtual high street even though close competitor Tesco makes just under three times as much in yearly revenue,” Raisin said.

“Interestingly, this shows that the Asda brand stands up against Tesco’s revenue in terms of online search.”

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