Ebay waives fees for first-time sellers to help unemployed “set up their own businesses and start making money” 

Ebay is set to launch a new “Pay As You Grow” scheme for first time sellers offering to scrap fees until they make 100 sales in a single month.

Pay As You Grow will launch on Friday October 9, aimed at helping those facing unemployment during the pandemic set up their own online business.

Under the new scheme, which will run until the end of the year, start-up businesses will not have to pay “insertion fees” which Ebay charges sellers on every listing even if it doesn’t sell.

Both insertion fees and final value fees will be scrapped for sellers until they surpass 100 sales per month, at which time they will be charged at heavily discounted rates.

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After the first 100 items per month fees will be reduced by 50 per cent, falling a further 25 per cent for the next 100.

“We have been saying for months that more support is needed to help independent retailers survive this crisis,” the British Independent Retailers Association’s chief executive Andrew Goodacre said.

“We welcome Ebay’s efforts to help small businesses and high street retailers to expand their business online at little cost, and we hope this will go some way in sustaining independent retailers and keeping people employed as the end of furlough approaches.”

Ebay UK’s general manager Murray Lambell added: “Britain is teeming with would-be entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

“We just need to give them a helping hand and the encouragement they need to get their business up and running. With all the economic challenges we’re seeing across the country, getting rid of the barriers to trading online will really help.

“We’ve specifically designed this offer for first-time sellers and start-ups – partly to help the growing numbers of unemployed to set up their own businesses and start making money.”

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