Aldi doubles the number of items available on Deliveroo amid continued ecommerce push

Aldi is more than doubling the number of items available for home delivery via the Deliveroo app, as it continues its push into ecommerce.

Aldi Ireland announced this week that 330 items will now be available for customers to have delivered to their door in 30 minutes by Deliveroo.

Previously Aldi’s Irish arm only offered 140 essential items to customers via the rapid delivery service, but its popularity among customers has encouraged the pair to expand their partnership.

In June Aldi expanded the number of products available for home Delivery in the UK from 150 to 200, but positive customer feedback across both markets suggests this could also soon be significantly expanded.

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Last week Aldi also announced plans to invest a whopping £1.3 billion in to modernising its stores and distribution networks, crucially placing a major focus on its fledgling online offering.

“Increasing the number of products available through the app will make it easier for people to get much-needed groceries delivered right to their doors quickly and safely,” Aldi Group’s managing director said.

In Ireland, the pair have already expanded their reach from two stores in Dublin to three more counties, totalling nine stores.

Deliveroo’s vice president Ajay Lakhwani added: “It is great to see that customer satisfaction with the service is very high, and we look forward to working with Aldi in the future to ensure that people are getting the food they need and want during this difficult time.”

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