H&M to launch high-tech “Looop” system instore which will shred old clothes and create new ones in real time

H&M is set to launch a cutting-edge “garment-to-garment recycling system” in its store, which will shred old clothes and spin them into brand new ones in front of customers.

It’s new “Looop” system will soon be launched at its flagship store in Stockholm, marking the first time its revolutionary garment recycling system will be revealed to the public.

Looop will take customers old clothing, clean it, shred it into fibres, then spin these into a new yarn which can be used to create brand new clothing.

Shoppers will be able to watch the entire process, which uses no water and no chemicals, take place inside the glass installation in real time.

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“We are constantly exploring new technology and innovations to help transform the fashion industry as we are working to reduce the dependency on virgin resources,” H&M’s head of sustainability Pascal Brun said.

“Getting customers on board is key to achieve real change and we are so excited to see what Looop will inspire.”

Members of H&M’s loyalty club can have their old garments transformed for 100SEK (£8.73), but non-members will still have access to the service and can pay 150SEK (£13.10).

All proceeds will go towards projects related to research on materials, forming part of H&M’s goal of using only recycled or sustainably sourced materials by 2030.

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