Sainsbury’s to roll SmartShop mobile scanning technology out across “most” of its 770 stores by Christmas

Sainsbury’s SmartShop digital mobile scanning technology will be available in “the majority” of its stores by the end of the year.

The UK’s second largest grocer is rapidly expanding the roll out of its SmartShop system after usage skyrocketed over the last quarter.

According to Sainsbury’s its SmartShop system, which is available via an app or handheld devices, accounted for a whopping 37 per cent of sales during over its previous quarter.

By Christmas, Sainsbury’s plans to roll the system out the “most” of its 770 UK stores, increasing significantly from the 250 local branches currently supporting the technology.

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Last year Sainsbury’s experimented with its first ever cashierless store in which its SmartShop system was the only payment method available.

However, the trial was scrapped after three months due to negative feedback from customers who weren’t ready for “totally till-free” shopping.

The pandemic has largely transformed shoppers attitudes towards the technology, which enables them to dramatically limit physical interaction with shop staff or payment terminals.

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