Amazon will now pay shoppers $10 for data on what they’re buying

Amazon is now offering to pay customers for data on what they are purchasing outside of its online and offline stores.

“Amazon Shopper Panel”, which launched in the US this week, is offering customers $10 towards their Amazon balance for sharing their receipts.

Customers will be asked to take pictures of 10 paper receipts per month for purchases made anywhere other than Amazon’s own stores, including Whole Foods, Amazon Four Star, Amazon Go, Amazon Books or via its online website

Using the new Amazon Shopper Panel app, currently available on Android and iOS, shoppers can also choose to forward email receipts.

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Amazon will also encourage users to complete short surveys about the brands and products they are interested in for a chance to earn extra rewards every month.

The programme is currently opt-in and invite only, but interested users can download the app and join a waiting list.

This opt-in consumer research model is used regularly in the industry, and is expected to be used by Amazon to improve support for its third-party sellers, providing insights outside of its own operations.

While the retail giant says it will delete any sensitive data gained from the receipts such as prescriptions, it will keep users’ personal data and “may” use it to improve product selection and advertising on its platform.

According to Amazon: “Panelists can delete receipts or stop participating at any time. When a panelist deletes a receipt within the app, any receipt information in our system is also deleted.”

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