Apple announces secretive ‘One More Thing’ event

Apple Inc on Monday revealed it would hold a major event on November 10 at its Apple Park campus.

Taking its title of “One more thing” from Apple founder Steve Jobs’ well known remark at the end of Apple keynotes, this event will be held on Tuesday next week at 10am local pacific time.

Set to be live-streamed through Apple’s website, the headline announcement is likely to be new Macs using the new Apple Silicon chips.

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Back in June Apple announced that it would start designing its own chips for its computers and promised the first would arrive before the end of the year.

It’s not yet known what these new computers could look like, or how many Macs might be announced.

There may also be some time for customers to wait to get their hands on them – it could take two years for the entire line to be transitioned to Apple’s own silicon, according to the company’s announcement back in June.

In true Apple style, a feature hidden in the event invitation allowed people to open it in augmented reality, displaying an Apple logo that opened and shut in a similar way to a MacBook.

Last month Apple unveiled a new one-on-one shopping service both in-store and online as it prepares to launch its flagship iPhone 12 amid the global pandemic.

This feature offers customers “new ways” to “get to know all of our products before they buy”, allowing them to book one-on-one slots with Apple Store employees.

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